My name is Nicole Miazgowicz and I'm an artist + illustrator currently based in Detroit, MI.

Why I do what I do: My work is primarily narrative based and honors children book and fairytale illustrators of yore. I like to think my pieces evoke a certain sense of nostalgia for the time when we ran wild without a care in the world. Forests, bugs, rivers, critters, a sense of safety even in precarious situations, not caring if you were wearing a dress while playing in mud puddles, believing your stuffed animals had secret lives, and secretly knowing that your dreams and nightmares were also somehow true. I hope that nostalgia also brings a reminder that our imagination can be just as strong as adults and is in fact, one of the most important qualities we should hold on to and cultivate. 

I spend my time watching way too many movies (as if there is such a thing), reading short stories & anything by classic southern writers and Haruki Murakami, trying not to decipher what my weirdo dreams mean, gallivanting around the world, and finding amusement in seeing entire lives within inanimate objects. 

I primarily use: pen, ink pencils, charcoal, and graphite. 

Say hi! e: [email protected] . Currently available for freelance + commissions.

Upcoming Events: 

Bitchcraft Fair || Oct. 28, 2018 || Columbus, OH

Detroit Urban Craft Fair || Nov. 30-Dec. 2 || Masonic Temple, Detroit, MI

Select Shows:

DIY Street Fair || Ferndale, MI, 2018

Icon 10 gallery show || Red Bull House of Art, 2018

RAW: Nashville (Cannery Ballroom), 2014


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