Nicole is an illustrator + artist currently based in Detroit after a long time away from her home state. Brooklyn was home for a number of years with smaller jaunts in Los Angeles and Knoxville, TN.

Currently focused on book illustration, she's always reading and dreaming up her own little worlds to put on paper. She is often working on various personal side projects: drawings, themed series,'ll find some links below for these.

Nicole listens to podcasts and music while sketching + outlining and watches movies during the coloring phase of a piece. Which means she's watched more movies than seems physically possible and this makes her very happy.


Feel free to contact regarding any work opportunities, collabs, inquiries, or just to say hi!

Supplies: Pen, Ink, Collage, Conte, & Pastel. Hand-drawn.


Miriam Suzanne, multimedia artist + books + more
The Filthy Dirigible, Daniel Miller graphic art + illustration 
Linda & Harriett, paper goods + design
Travis Yutzy, wood maker + carpentry + more

Dannyprose, interactive creative + cross media art director
RedPost, Eric Kanagy business owner + tech + pizza + more 
Jen Bartels, writer + robot-maker
Lindsay Ca$hews, multi-media artist + dj + fashion

Nina Marie Madsen, choreographer + dancer + massage therapist 
GoShakes, Shakespeare + classical + innovative theater 
Sarah Elizabeth, make-up artist + costumes
Cassie Greer, actor + vocal/acting coach

Whitney Mann (Music), Americana + folk + country singer
Elkwood Campground, Tony & Kelley Miazgowicz, Michigan

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